Terms & Conditions

Satisfaction Guarantee

If the customer is dissatisfied for any reason with the service provided, they must inform Absolute Home Cleaning within 24 Hours of completion of the service & we will cheerfully re-clean the area that you are dissatisfied with.


The customer agrees to pay the price quoted by Absolute Home Cleaning in full completion of the service. Your price has been based on our experience with homes of your size. Should your cleaning time consistently take longer than originally estimated, we reserve the right to increase your price. We will also be happy to discuss a price reduction, if it takes less time. We accept Cash or Checks. and alt Credit Cards, please remit payment to Absolute Home Cleaning.
A $30.00 Fee is applied to alt returned checks.

Cancellation Fees

The Customer must provide Absolute Home Cleaning with at least 24 hours notice prior to service time, if they wish to suspend postpone or cancel the service for any reason. In the event the customer does not provide 24 hours notice prior to the commencement of the service, the customer agrees to pay a cancellation fee of $40.00. The client may terminate any Agreement/Contract with Absolute home cleaning upon giving 48/hours notice in writing.

Fee for non-access to premises (lock out)

In the event that the customer does not provide access to the premises for Absolute Home Cleaning or its Cleaners to provide the service, the customer agrees to pay $40.00 lock out “non access” fee for administrative and travel costs.

Accident, Breakage & Damage

We are bonded and we take great care when cleaning your home, however, accidents do happen-but not very often. Your team will Immediately notify the office and you will be left a note. Our staff will contact you and make arrangements for handling the matter. The customer must irfform Absolute Home Cleaning of any incident where an accident, breakage or damage to property has occurred due to any act of,the cleaner within 24 hours of completion of the service.

To the extent permitted by law the customer is not entitled to claim any toss for any incident if the incident is not reported to Absolute Home Cleaning within 24 hours of completion of the service. Customer agrees that Absolute Home Cleaning will not be held liable for any items missing during Absolute’s services on the premises including but not limited to Cash, Jewelry Art, Antiques and other items of sentimental value. In the event any provision of this clause is deemed to be void invalid, or unenforceable, that provis` ion shall be severed from the remainder of this clause and overall contract so as not to cause the invalidity or unenforceabOity of the remainder of this contract. (we ask that these items be secured or put away)

We cannot be responsible for damage resulting from loose table legs pictures/shelves not properly secured to the wan, etc.


Most of our customers would provide us a key to their home, which we take Extreme Measures to protect each key given to us. We assign every customers key with a code and store it in a key safe. Once your scheduled cleaning has been completed, your key will return to the key safe. The only ones that would have access to the keys are the “Owners”.

If you have an alarm system at your home, we ask that you would have the alarm system turned off on the day of the cleaning. Some of our customers will leave their alarm system on the day of their cleaning but will provide us a code for us to enter and to reset once we are finished.

Appointment Arrival Time Windows

If you wish to be present during the cleaning visit, please be advised that we provide arrival windows of about 90 minutes, such as between 9am-lO:3Oam Many things can effect our schedules, such as canceflations, lockouts traffic, etc. If we happen to be running late to your appointment you will be contacted as soon as possible and provided with a new expected time of arrival


Our maids are very important to us, and we are determined to keep them safe, so they do not use a ladder or move anything heavier than 35bs. These types of activities put our maids in danger of back injury or could even damage something in your home. If you would like us to clean behind appliances like refrigerator oven or furniture such as sofa, please move it prior to the cleaning visits to allow access to the area.


We take pride in being a pet-friendly service and take special care in making your pet feel comfortable during our cleaning process. However, we do need to make sure that ouf safety is addressed.If you have aggressive pets, please secure them during our service. Please make sure that we still can access all necessary rooms In order to do the scheduled work.


Tipping is neither required nor expected – if you do choose to leave a tip, please make it clear that it is such. You may include your tips with your payment and we will pass them along to the maid/s.

Conflict of Interest & Non-Solicitation Policy

You the customer are not to hire past or present maid(s) of Absolute Home Cleaning & Services Corp For a period of not less than 2 years from the date that the maid(s) last worked for Absolute Home Cleaning & Services Corp. tn the event that you feel you must hire a maid(s) of Absolute Home Cleaning & Services Corp in spite of this agreement then a $500.00 referral fee Is due immediately upon employment of past/present maid(s), regardless of contracted terms.

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